About Us

Our Story:

Please read Our Story to know more about us.

Our story starts when we were living a very busy life, and no time for workout. There are always reasons to buy your point for not taking care of your health and fitness. There are many factors which stops you to go out for exercise and any fitness regime. So we build Shopxone to spread the awareness for healthy living with style and colors.

Shopxone is based out of Sydney Australia, it is a family-owned business.

Our motivation for building Shopxone is to share a good healthy life with style.

Shopxone is known for colorful and innovative designs of activewear and yoga apparel for women and girls across Australia and New Zealand.

Shopxone is committed to designing fashionable apparel, our styles definitely boost the confidence and motivates to go for the fitness regime. And our main goal is to spread the awareness and build a healthy society for the better future.

Our designs are developed with premium quality fabrics, and designed to give full comfort.

These designs are so beautiful to inspire you during your workout for a healthy and colorful life style.

Overcome the Fear:

We motivate everyone to overcome the fear and start winning.

This gym phobia stopped us many times, and we feel many others are in the same boat. Studies have shown that when we start any exercise regime we are nervous and phobic, we look at fit people with their six pack and stamina and slowly we take this as excuse to stop exercising.

This is our inspiration for starting active-wear range which is just not stylish but a class in itself.

A style with class, bringing vibrancy of colour to match design that surpass the monotone of exercise clothing and can be worn outside the workout area.

If you start your exercise with style range that will definitely add on to your confidence and motivates you everyday to hit the being fit idea.

Our Range of Products:

We have huge range of fitness products and many more to come.

Here’s bringing to you our range of active wear, which is always fresh as dew and surpasses any other in the market.